GLAMROOM**Better picture coming soon**

Here is my Glam Room! I got the idea of transforming my old bedroom in to a “Glam Room” when I had no choice but to move upstairs. The reason I had to move is because if you are assuming that behind those curtains are windows, you are wrong. This room is located in my basement and behind those curtains is the boiler and pipes, not quite safe to be a bedroom..

I started off sketching ideas for how I wanted the space to look. I already knew the color scheme I wanted, so I started to take measurements of the space. I then entered it into a 3D design program. From there, I started my search for the furniture! Considering this is just a room where I get ready or hangout in, I wanted to “ball on a budget”.

My Sofa, nesting coffee tables, end table and shoe shelves are from Ikea. The Pillow covers and the 5×8 black shaggy rug was purchased from Amazon. The kidney pillow, throw blanket, table decor, and lamp were purchased from local Home Goods. The mannequin was purchased on clearance from an Avenue store that was closing down. My vanity mirror was made by myself, getting wood, lights, and an outlet from Home Depot and getting to work! And best for last, the wall art! I purchased the frames from Ikea, and printed out pictures I found on Google Images. I then placed them on the floor to figure out how I wanted to configure the collage before I hang it on the wall, and viola!

Make your ideas a reality and get started on your glamorous, not to mention, affordable lady cave!