My Top 5 Perfumes

These are my favorite perfumes so far. They have a really warm and sexy scent to them, most having musk as the common note. Below are going to be my top 5, first one being my all time favorite!

61b-w1S71EL._SL1195_.jpg    Viktor&Rolf FlowerBomb 10/10


89c1192e-3903-4f96-9201-914a464a3613_1.34c7496941bf9e42e72ee8583a3969c9  Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian 10/10


0dbd9c6e-1137-4b21-91c8-43cf838d43c2_1.dad2aee4be6e922adb6fb26df3801d74 Chloe 8.5/10

9143682_fpx.tif  Bright Crystal by Versace  8/10


1355888_fpx.tif Gucci Guilty 7/10


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