Unnoticeable Major Differences

I couldn’t live without my daily coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts. Once or twice a day, I would pull up to the drive thru and order a small Iced Mocha Coffee with CREAM and sugar. I brought this up to my trainer and he suggested I should try substituting cream with milk. I knew I was committed to making healthier choices but come on… lets not mess with my coffee. I ignored the suggestion he made and continued to order my go to at Dunkin. One day as I was on my way to work, I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to buy an Iced Mocha Coffee with MILK and sugar. The second the employee handed me the cup, I knew that was my worst decision of the day. It looked like a watered down iced coffee. I felt like handing her back the drink, but I was already late to work. As I took the first sip, it was love at first sip. Not only was it BETTER than the cream and sugar but it also was 90 calories less.


Iced Mocha Coffee with Milk and Sugar                                  Iced Mocha Coffee with Cream and Sugar

Another drink that I made a substitution with is Diet Snapple Iced Tea and I can confidently say it tastes so much better! During senior year of high school, my mom would buy 6-pack cases of Snapple Iced Tea for me. I would bring it down to my room so none of my siblings can get their hands on it. Recently, I stopped at a local 7/11 and they were out of the regular lemon Snapple Iced Tea, so I grabbed the Diet one. A regular lemon Snapple Iced tea has 150 calories and the Diet lemon Snapple Iced Tea has 10 calories!!


You might think that making little changes like this will not make a big difference, but it leads to caloric deficit and helps with weight loss! So next time you’re out making coffee runs or buying drinks for the house just remember one small change in your daily choices can do wonders!


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